That was 2018, let us never speak of it again

First Published: Sat Dec 29 2018
Last Updated: Sun Jan 06 2019

So yeah, 2018 was not a good time for my Angry Beanie plans.

Basically the entire year was full of event and that meant I just didn't have the headspace to be planning and producing the things that I wanted to.

I'm really hoping that 2019 is a better year. So much so that I've revived my trello account and have setup the following:

I'll put some more details to each of these projects as time goes on (I hope, I really do). But I thought I would call out a couple of them:


This project isn't actually mine, it's my wonderfully talented wifes. She is a crafter of no small talent and my job is to help her as she gets further into the whole craft as a business thing.

Women In STEMM:

I had an original plan for twenty episodes of this series. I have completed 11 episodes and I really need to finish it. 2019 will be the year I do that.

One of the things I'm coming to terms with is having the confidence in my own work. Imposter syndrome exists and it can be a terrible thing.