Getting over that hump

First Published: Sun Dec 03 2017
Last Updated: Mon Jan 01 2018

Life is starting to get back to normal around the House Of Beanie. Life has achieved some sembelance of normalcy and I find myself turning back to the projects that I love and constantly tell myself that I should be following up on.

I'm actually looking at the Trello board I have setup for Women In STEMM and Purser Explores The World and thinking "yeah I can do that".

This of course is all predicated on the whether I can get over my own personal hump when it comes to putting together a media thing and putting it out there for the public to listen to.


The term "I'm my own worst critic" really is how I live my life. To be honest it's pretty damn annoying at times. Second guessing yourself, finding any excuse not to do a thing that one part of you thinks would be awesome, but involves the potential for either negative reaction, or (wierdly, somehow worse) no reaction at all.

On the other hand, I keep seeing news items about topics we covered years ago on For Science, or things I delved into on Purser Explores The World and thinking, "oh yeah, we did something on that."