Posting through it

First Published: Mon Oct 03 2022
Last Updated: Mon Oct 03 2022

I am forcing myself to post because right now I keep running into that wall and the only way I'm going to get past it is to just post through it (PS never post through it on twitter)

On the artistic side I came to a realisation the other day

One of my issues is the constant feeling that what I do is only worth something if it helps or pleases someone else. This of course leads into an internal conversation that goes roughly like this:

Me: I should do [ACTIVITY]

Me but Evil Kermit: Why? No ones going to want to see it, no one listens to anything you do, and you'll probably just half arse it anyway.

It's a vicious loop that I've managed to perfect over the past 45 and bit odd years.

This is a bit of a self indulgent whinge I guess but this is a blog and isn't that what they're for?

Oh and one of the other ways I put myself off actually doing something is telling myself I just need one more bit of gear. 

“I can't do that [ACTIVITY] until I get another light/camera/widget”


Anyway this is a post to say that I've posted.