Media exploration - a beginning (again)

First Published: Mon Jun 12 2023
Last Updated: Mon Jun 12 2023

So for years I've been a tinkerer of things around media online. I've done podcasts, I've played with streaming via Twitch and fiddled around with audio streaming online both via the old Icecast Server and using an automated “complete radio station” setup through LibreTime

Mind you, looking at that list it's been a while since I actively looked into the whole digital media landscape. So I think it's time to pick it up again.

I want to do more media foo, something like the following:

  • Live streaming, both for gaming and other purposes. Really what I'm looking at here is both the how (get into the technical side, both in terms of hardware as well as craft) and the why (why do people stream, why do people consume streams, why do people pay money for streams, that sort of thing)
  • More photography and possibly video about HOW and WHY I do things. I've hesitated on the video stuff because honestly there's a million people out there who look like me doing videos. However I've got to the point where I think I can justify doing it on the following counts:
    • I have not really been able to find much in the way of wheelchair based photography. While each persons wheelchair experience IS DIFFERENT, if I can help through demonstrating what I'm doing or exploring what others are doing then all the better.
    • Secondly, doing the video works is a learning experience in of itself. Use that.
  • Exploring the alternatives. As each of the big players has gotten more insular and less “Good” people have started developing their own alternatives. Protocols like ActivityPub and others have allowed for distributed networks to crop up which give participants more freedom, but with that freedom also comes responsibilities and traps. 
  • Lastly I think I'd like to do stuff around the Tech and Disability space. I have this plan in my head to do reviews of accessibility gear, possibly interviews and news bits around the stuff I find in this space. This again would hopefully be useful to other people, while also helping me to learn how these things are put together

So yeah, there's a lot there but I think it's doable. I'll probably add a new Media Project to the site so that I can offer a feed for those who wish to just see those posts, similar to what I did for the Tech and Disability stuff.