Flicking Feedly and some photography

First Published: Sun Sep 24 2023
Last Updated: Sun Sep 24 2023

So a little while ago, Feedly, the RSS reader service that I had been using, had decided to jump on the AI bandwagon and introduce a set of tools that would use AI/Machine Learning to identify trends across a wide range of different sources and collate them for the reader (for a price of course). Eh, not in my wheelhouse but what you going to do.

However they then decided that the best way to show case their new AI/Machine learning goodness by releasing two training models that specialised in tracking Protests and "Violent Protests". This was pitched as a tool businesses could use to stay in front of any potential protest movement that might affect their operations. Needless to say the internet took this news well. I wonder if the model predicted the resulting furor.

At that point I'd been using Feedly for a number of years and I figured that now was as good a time as any to look for a change. My feeds list was massive and needed pruning (there were feeds in there that hadn't been active for a number of years) and I was getting that itch to bring things back under my direct control again (read, set up something self hosted).

Well 5 months later here we are. I finally got round to installing FreshRss (via docker) and setting up the EasyRSS reader on my phone. It was easy enough to export the OPML file from Feedly and import that into FreshRss. I probably won't stick with the EasyRSS reader as it's probably a little too basic for my needs, but it's a start.

I managed to get a little photography done today as well. Not a lot and it was more to force my brain to do ANY photography than anything with a concrete plan. Next time I'm going to setup use the proper flash I have, and the actual diffusor I have to get the lighting right. Also I need a white background sheet. But anyway, I took something so here they are.

Three fibre dye bottles in front of a small brown coffee cup. On the table next to them is a blury mobile phone

Three fibre dye bottles in front of a small brown coffee cup. Underneath the dye and cup are a number of sheets of white paper

A single dye bottle stands in front of a brown coffee cup. Just peeking of the top of the cup is the rubber squeeze bulbs  of another couple of dye bottles. Behind them all is a white background