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Commitments and such

First Published: Mon Oct 02 2023
Last Updated: Mon Oct 02 2023

So I've been struggling with a couple of things lately

  • Finding the enthusiasm to maintain my fitness and capacity through exercise
  • Actually getting started on the media foo that I have planned

I think I've identified the problem.

It's me. Yeah shocking isn't it. I honestly think the problem is that because these are projects FOR me and BY me that I can't seem to prioritise them above anything else. Instead they get buried under a mental block that says they're not that important, not worth bothering anyone about etc, etc, etc.

So I'm going to try a different tack. Instead of viewing these as just driven by me, I'm going to try making these about you dear internet (well at least the parts of the internet that aren't heaving pustules of disease and unfettered id). 

Here are the commitments:

  • Exercise and capacity building: Every week I'm going to post an update here of the exercise that I've done. This will take the form of a table like this (these are my current numbers):
 Training DurationDistance
 Active (hrs:min)Passive (hrs:min)Active (km)Passive (km)
  • Blogging: I've been trying to get up to at least 1 blog post a week and while this one slipped by a day, I think I can maintain that rate (and no the exercise and capacity building post won't count)
  • Media foo: I'm going to follow through on a plan I have for doing a video project about Tech and Disability. Essentially it's going to be a test run of an idea I've got for doing Assistive Technology reviews, I'll start off with my own gear and then work out from there. This one I'm going to give myself a month on. The first episode/review will be out by the 1st November

I think that's enough for now. I was going to put a photography goal in, but I'm not going to beat myself up on that one so much.

Wish me luck.