Sooo, blogging? Oh and actual podcast ideas

First Published: Sat Jul 21 2018
Last Updated: Fri Aug 03 2018

So as is usual when announcements about commencing blogging are made, it didn't actually happen.


Anyway, in the mean time I've been pondering a couple of new podcast ideas.

The first would basically be a short, weekly podcast which combines elements of For Science! and WTF Australia? with the occasional bit about other areas. It would max out at probably twenty minutes an episode and while hopefully entertaining and informing people, would also serve as a bit of an exercise in getting back into the regular podcasting thing.

I tweeted about the second idea a week or so ago:

Instead of just complaining, perhaps we should start compiling solutions to the problems and working through them to figure out which are the best ones to use. The idea would be to see what constructive ideas people have.

Of course I am fully aware that the second idea could be a complete dumpster fire depending on who gets interviewed and so on.

Still pondering.

I do have a third project in mind, but before I say anything more about it I want to confirm details and practicalities.

Oh and the feature image is the view from Bald Hill looking south towards Wollongong.