A return to Art?

First Published: Sat Dec 05 2020
Last Updated: Sat Dec 05 2020

So much of my life over the past five years has been consumed by medical dramas of one sort or another. It's really gotten in the way of me being able to express myself, either through my podcasting work (I've still got six episodes of Women In STEMM to do to complete that particular series) or through other mediums like my Photography.

Lately however I've found myself looking at my "Art" and thinking, "I think I can get back into that." 

I've started taking photographs again (check them out over at my Flickr Account) and I'm again looking into the hows and practicalities of doing interviews and putting together different types of podcasts or even video content.

It's December of 2020. It's been 18 months since I first got sick, I'm now pretty much physically stable and in my new normal. It's time for me to reach for new goals I think.

Wish me luck.