A quick site update

First Published: Fri Aug 03 2018
Last Updated: Sun Aug 19 2018

So part of any reason why I run a site is so I can tinker with things that I work with professionally or just catch my eye.

Todays site update is about adding Google AMP support to the Articles on the site.

Basically AMP is a JS Library and a set of tags. The idea being to present a version of the content that loads quickly and smoothly on any device. To this end all non AMP scripts are verbotten (though AMP does have replacements for certain things like some embeds, Ads and tracking) and a number of html tags are replaced with amp specific tags (for instance img tags are now amp-img tags).

The other thing that AMP does is provide a structure to your content that Google can better ingest and categorise. 

 I'll post a more detailed explanation of how I did the integration later, but if you want to start learning about AMP then this is probably a good place to start: https://www.ampproject.org/learn/overview/

The image from todays post is part of the southern part of Wollongong.