2019 Projects

First Published: Sun Jan 06 2019
Last Updated: Sun Jul 14 2019

We are now six days into 2019 and I've had some time to work out what projects I want to build on this year, so here's a list.

Women In STEMM

When I first started Women In STEMM I didn't really have an idea of how many episodes I wanted to do. It was just going to be a thing that happened. However as time went on I started thinking it should be a Project (with a capital P) that had a beginning and an end. So I figured that 20 episodes would be a good round number to aim for.

I've managed to release 11 episodes so far. 11 stories from amazing women who have achieved so much in their careers, both in and out of the STEMM fields. This means I've got 9 more stories to go before the Project is complete. I've looked back through my notes and started sending out interview requests again (with one already confirming an interest, Yay!). Ideally I would like to finish Women In STEMM this year. Get the final 9 in 19.

Interesting People and Exploring the World

One of the reasons I like doing podcasting is it means I get to talk to a whole bunch of interesting people. Looking back at Purser Explores The World, the topics were interesting in of themselves, but really it was the people I interviewed that made each episode.

With that in mind, I'm pondering whether, if I was to revive the Purser Explores The World format, whether it should be split into two different projects. One which is just an interview an interesting person series and another which deep dives on a topic. Still pondering, but would love any feedback.

How To Media 

One thing I have acquired over the past 13 years I've been mucking around with podcasting is a whole bunch of knowledge about how things can be done. This is an effort to make that knowledge useful to other people. It will take the form of video tutorials, blog posts and other bits and pieces around the tools and processes for making media on this interweb thing.


This one is the big departure for me. I'm actually planning on doing at least one short documentary this year, possibly more, depending on how it all turns out. This will very much take me out of my comfort zone as it's not just something I can do online by myself, rather I need to liase with a whole bunch of different organisations, write a video script (a very different thing to a normal podcast script) and so on. 

In a way this gets me back to the kid I used to be, constantly writing scripts and making my very understanding family act them out. It's not going to be pirates on the couch, but I hope it's going to be as fun to make as that was.

So there it is, that's the plans for 2019. Finish one project, revive another and step out into the unknown on a third. I don't think it's too ambitious, but we'll see what life brings.